The one where a sense

The one where a sense

of putting down a burden, a not so heavy burden but a burden nonetheless, is a welcome relief.  My father came to LR yesterday and I went with him to see his cardiologist (he has a pacemaker) and besides needing to have the battery replaced sometime this summer, everything checked out.  What makes this situation a little more difficult is that he lives in a small town, about three hours away from Little Rock.  I was able a year or so ago to convince him that his just hopping in the car and bringing himself to his appointment was really not a great option, he’s 82, with arthritic joints, eyesight that’s not terrible, but not as good as it was and a very low freak out threshold.  So, Mr. Iknead and I have to go down and pick him up, coordinate schedules and be available to be his wheels while he’s here.  It’s really just an inconvenience that happens a couple of times a year, but I always feel relieved when he’s finished with everything and is safely back home.  Mr. Iknead drove him home this time, it’s a six hour round trip and he’ll never know how much this means to me.  Mr. Iknead rocks!!  Did I mention that my Mom is in a nursing home with dementia?  He’s always in a hurry to get back home, it’s hard for him to be away and she doesn’t understand why he’s not visiting. 

The upside is that waiting rooms are perfect for working on a small project, keeps my mind focused and helps me with the antsy feelings that always come around when I have to sit and wait.  The Coupling socks were the happy recipient of my (sort of) undivided attention today.  Here’s where we stand at this moment –

I’m lacking in photo skills I think so I’m going to dig up the instruction book and hone the few skills I have.

You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star.  Friedrich Nietzsche  (1844-1900)


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