Weekend Recovery

Weekend Recovery


We spent another weekend basking in the grandma and grandpa nirvana, celebrating DD birthday with family.  DSIL’s parents have a lovely home here in Little Rock, complete with a pool and are more than generous.  They split their time between the beach house in Florida and the palace here in Little Rock, they’re in Florida at the moment but like I said, are more than generous and let us enjoy their home and pool even when they’re out of pocket.  So, mix me, Mr. Iknead, the Papoose, Babydiva, corresponding parents, DD’s BFF, her husband and their three kids and what happens?  Everyone gets waterlogged, tired and hungry while at the same time having a blast, eating junk food until burgers are ready, more than wired on Coke, then almost falling asleep in their plates when it’s finally supper time and that’s just the grownups.  : )

Mr. Iknead took about a million pictures, here’s a few:



How sweet is the Papoose’s bathing suit?  Pretty sweet!


View of the golf course from the pool


Cutest back view ever!


So far (don’t want to jinx it) the newest version of the 9 to 5 socks is going well.  Here’s a quick peek –


Still sitting on go for The 36 Hour Day, I’ve not had time to do any real book browsing, again, I still can’t make up my mind about a Nook book or a paper one.  I do love real books but love the convenience of my Nook.  Maybe I should flip a coin?

When spiders unite, they can tie down a lion.  Ethiopian proverb


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