Chicken Jumper

I think this is the coolest thing!


So today morning I am sitting and knitting when my mum rings on Skype.

She asks: what are you knitting?

I say: hmmm, a chicken jumper…

mum: what????

now my dad comes by to say hello. Mum says to him, hey guess what your daughter is knitting, I am betting you a bottle of Whiskey you won’t guess. Dad ventured a guess of a tea cosy. Mum happily exclaimed: “Wrong! A chicken jumper!” All my dad could say was “crazy” with a shake of a head and walked away.

But yeah, that is what I am knitting, a chicken jumper. My most favourite animal rescue centre, Raystede gave a shout out yesterday on Facebook asking for chicken jumpers for the newly rescued 260 ex-battery hens. They also put up a link to a pattern. It only took me an evening to knit one jumper and I’ve done the finishing work…

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