It’s a Waiting Game, Many Starts But No Finishes

It’s a Waiting Game, Many Starts But No Finishes


Grandbaby #6 has all of us on pins and needles, waiting for his much anticipated arrival, which could be any time now.  His poor mommy has been through the mill these last few days and weeks with long and strong Braxton Hicks contractions, pregnancy fatigue and just plain old impatience, with all of us more than ready for a meet and greet with Baby Shepherd…..did I mention that he is the lone boy in the grandbaby lineup, with five princesses and now, one prince.  I see a lot of spoiling in his future!  Stay tuned!


A new pair of socks


Knitty Deep Fall 2011

Fiesta Baby Boom Glacier Mist

What may be the most unattractive scarf ever — good thing this is just a test drive of some yarn that came in a “grab bag” from Lion Brand.  Yeah…….no.


Which has grown since this photo –

Ginny’s Patronus Cloak

Knitpicks Palette


One thing that has been moving in the finish direction has been my recent pottery projects, a series of blue and white glazed pots, which I’ve become a bit obsessed with.  Here’s a sampling –

Blue Celadon, Cloudy Blue and Glossy White on B-clay

It’s all I can do not to geek out over these pots, but I’ll spare you.  Apparently, not everyone shares my enthusiasm for mud (and fiber). ☹️

The secret to a rich life is to have more beginnings than endings.  Dave Weinbaum



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